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Linksys PAP2T

ATA for VoIP

A typical analog telephone adapter(ATA) is for connecting an analog phone to MyWebFon service. An ATA may be connected between an IP internet network (such as a broadband connection, streamyx, P1, WiFi and other) and an existing telephone jack in order to provide service nearly indistinguishable from PSTN providers on all the other telephone jacks in the residence. Our VoIP service is capable of running at almost any ATA, the ATA can be Linksys PAP2T, SPA3102, Cisco, Aztech …. and others. To buy, click here

x-ten lite softphone


Softphone (also known as an Internet phone or Digital phone) is a piece of software that can be installed on a computer that allows VoIP calling without dedicated hardware. You can download the softphone from many web site. However, we recommend x-ten lite softphone, which is available at: Download Section



Dedicated VoIP phones allow you to make VoIP calls without the use of a computer.You need to connect to the internet using WIFI or through an unlimited data package from your mobile provider. Most of the mobile phones today are equipped with WiFi, so you are able to make VoIP calls from your handphone by installing Nimbuzz. If you are an Iphone user, you can download Nimbuzz free from your iStore. For Nokia user, download from Ovistore. Other mobile users can download from Nimbuzz site here. Once you have installed Nimbuzz, click here for step-by-step Nimbuzz configuration. On 'why I need mobile voip' go to FAQ section here

IP Phone

IP Phone

Dedicated VoIP IP phones are telephones that allow VoIP calls without the use of a computer. Instead they connect directly to LAN or directly to the ADSL router with a LAN cable. You can make or receive call directly without the use of computer.You can also purchase a DID number to link up with this phone such that when you carry the phone with you when you travel, you can still be reached through this DID number. Mywebfon has been tested to work with popular IP phones including Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco etc etc. To purchase Yealink IP Phones T20 with two sip accounts go here.



Most IP PBX can be configured with a SIP Trunk to make and receive calls using Mywebfon service. You can now add additional lines(limited by your broadband speed) to make and receive calls and pay low VoIP rates through Mywebfon. Stop adding additional PSTN lines and paying monthly line rentals. Most IPPBX in the market today will provide a SIP trunking feature, these include, Asterisk based IPPBX, FreePBX, Yeastar MYPBX, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya etc. Contact us for
more information here.

DID Numbers

DID Numbers

DID are fixed landline numbers that can be forwarded to call an IPphone, IPPBX or any phone. Users of this service will be companies who want a Virtual office ie a presence in the area but they are actually located elsewhere, offices who are always on the move(ie construction companies) but they want to maintain the same number or individuals who wants to be reachable but they are always travelling internationally. The call can be forwarded to their countries of destination. We currently have Malaysia DID numbers available (Kuala Lumpur numbers with 03 prefix).

Call Termination

Call Termination

If you have a global VOIP network, an IP PBX, a VOIP Server, a Soft Switch or if you are a Service Provider, you can use Mywebfon service to terminate your calls and enjoy our low rates. You can either create a SIP trunk to allow multiple voice calls per channel or you can provide a fixed IP for end to end link. Customers who are globally connected on an IP voice network can now pay low termination charges and save on their telephone bills. This service is also great for customers who seek low latency for call terminating especially to Malaysia and South East Asia Region.

Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions

If you are operating a Call Centre, contact us for our call centre solutions. We have hardware solutions that will assist you to start your business immediately with minimum investment. If you have high traffic requirement to specific countries, feel free to contact to us on wholesale rates.


Voice over IP service for home or business

MyWebFon is a high speed Voice over IP service for your home or business.

MyWebFon merging your regular phone with your high speed Internet connection. MyWebFon converts your voice into data and uses your high speed Internet connection to send calls. Connect your home or business with MyWebFon and start enjoying the remarkable voice quality, and comprehensive savings that MyWebFon can deliver.


Features - Free calls from any VoIP devices within the MyWebFon networks

Free calls from any VoIP devices within the MyWebFon networks.

As long as you are connected to the MyWebFon network, you will be able to receive calls.

MyWebFon features:

  • Lowest rate VoIP
  • Work with any softphone
  • Work with any SIP hardware
  • Caller ID
  • Call forward
  • Online member console
  • Online payment, reload, billing


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